I've been completely neglecting The Sims XD

At first it was because of  transferring things to the new laptop, then school, then other obsessions (It's been New Leaf for the last few months)...

But now I'm wanting to get back into it! It's been so long though, I know I'll end up deleting my old towns and starting fresh again...
I also have a LOT of CC to catch up on and download, as well as reorganize the mess that is my downloads folder!

As you probably know by now, I definitely won't be making any new content ^^U And it's unlikely I'll even update this journal (pretty sure all my would-have-been legacy photos have been deleted...)

I'm going to keep using this account to read my friends list though :) So if you have any questions/concerns about my old downloads, I'll still be able to answer them.

I give up XP
sims 2, colby
I always say I'm going to make stuff, but I keep procrastinating and I never end up doing anything XP So I'm going to give up trying to make stuff and go back to just enjoying the game! (someone out there probably already made what I wanted to do anyways XD)

Wievtnasaelp, here I come! :D

Two sim guys for download! In CC and No CC flavors

RAWR!Collapse )

I just loaded my game, and my heir has completely vanished...
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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:( Warning and News
tsuntsun jamie
Warning: I've only just now realized that the default I made for hairfuzzylongcp (found here- http://rio-sims.livejournal.com/805.html) messes up the cf princess crown hair from Family Fun Stuff .___.
I'm gonna have to redo it someday using the newer method that wasn't out back then. I probably won't get around to it for a while though, because I have other projects I want to work on first. Sorry!! ^^;

If you don't have Family Fun Stuff, it should still work just fine. But if you do have it, the textures for that crown hair will appear messed up!

Once again, I'm very sorry for the mistake :(

Unrelated News: I really need to finish writing my first legacy chapter! But I'm too lazy, all I want to do is play the game itself. I'm gonna end up with a big gap between my game and chapters if I don't buckle down soon XD But my nerves about sharing it are staring to act up. I hope I can get past it!

Upcoming Projects: I'm on a one month break from school, so time to try out some stuff! ^0^  I have two male hairs I want to try defaulting- the afro with trapping's disco king and the sideswept NL hair with... a hair I can't find the link to re-download ;-;

I'm very motivated to start these and NOT take years to finish them, because, you see...
There was another default project I had started on a long loooooong time ago that was lost with my laptop, and I don't think I'll ever get around to re-doing :( It was for all ages and genders (and had a hat to further complicate things!), and I don't want to go through that chaos again TT__TT Lesson learnt- don't leave things lying around forever 'cause you might lose it and then that work goes to waste!

And once I get Milkshape re-installed, I'm gonna scale down a peggy mesh, but that one probably won't be released because me + milkshape= high probability that bad things will happen. 

NOT Coming Soon, to a journal near you
sheep ita

Could it be?? Could Rio finally be doing what she said she would and write a legacy??? Stay tuned...

Update: ...it failed :'(

Almost Ready
I'm this close to being able to start playing my new legacy, but I keep getting delayed because I have a compulsion to download EVERYTHING I missed from the last half year before I start TT__TT Trying my best just to skim through everything and only grab my absolute must-haves but... that's still a loooot  of CC  ^__^U

So I broke it... again D:
tsundere jamie
*warning: incoming rambling on and on*

I broke my laptop again (due to my own stupidity), and this time, the warranty's run out OTL

Luckily I saved most of my downloads folder on a usb stick, but the last time I backed it up was in September D: So there's quite a few things that are gone U__U Still, it could have been worse!
Unfortunately, I only have one of my neighbourhoods saved on there :(

I've been re-installing all my games to my desktop, but there's so many it's really tedious. I installed them all this morning but I messed it up so now I've had to re-do them all T___T

The one good thing that came from this is that if I play on the desktop, it won't overheat all the time, so I can play more often! \(^0^)/ And since it's newer, it'll probably run the game just as well, if not smoother! *fingers crossed* I wish I had Serafina though ;-; I was really looking forward to playing her.

I hope in a couple months I can save up some money to fix my laptop, or at least recover all my data. I don't wanna loose all my stuff, nevermind the sims >.<

Moral of this story: don't open up your laptop if you have no clue what you're doing and be sure to back up your data at least once a month!

Note to Self: Get it Together!
jacqui mcqueen
I want to play the sims again, but I keep getting distracted by other hobbies! And whenever I do sit down with the intent to sim, I think about all the CC I've missed while I was away, and then I have to go on a downloading spree first! ...but I never get back to the game...

So my very late New Years Resolutions: Finish that CC I started over a year ago, play Serafina's legacy, and make at least one picture post before 2014 comes around.


Wish me luck OTL 

Finally done with stress this year!!
sims 2, colby
...now it's time for sims!!!! :D
Right after I catch up on all the downloads I've missed the last couple months -.-
And hopefully I'll FINALLY finish that project I started working on a year ago OTL


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